Hardwood Floor Repair

Why Hardwood Floor Repair?

Like carpet and almost every type of flooring, your hardwood floor can become damaged. Even the best wood floors are subjected to problems and are more likely to scratch than other floorings. The problem ranges from minor to serious structural damage.

These concerns like scratches, sags, and uneven floors are inevitable nor can you stop problems caused by floor extension expansion and even contraction.

But before you jump right into hardwood floor refinishing or replacing your hardwood floors, please contact us and we will surely share our professional opinion and what options are available to you. We may be able to repair the damaged hardwood and not have to do a complete refinish which will save you money in the end.

Common Wood Floor Problems And Damages

Cupped Floors

Cupping occurs when the sides of the flooring are higher than the center of the boards. The surface of the board has a concave shape or the surface curves inward.

In more extreme instances, one can easily notice this problem.

Buckled Wood Flooring

Buckled wood flooring is due to leaks or high moisture. This occurs when the wood flooring pulls up from the subfloor, raising the floor’s edge in one or several places.

Squeaky And Loose Floor Boards

Annoying floor squeaks are very common in many homes anywhere in the world. it normally occurs after the house has settled and flooring lumber has dried out and shrunk. Usually, boards rub against each other which produces a squeaky sound.

Gaps Between Floor Boards

This is a very common problem with older wood flooring as the wood shrinks over time.  Floors that are exposed to excessive heat are highly prone to this problem.

Mold Damaged Wood Flooring

Mold can grow in any building, old or new. It’s only a myth that it only grows in old houses and old wood floors. It is important to act immediately on this problem as it is dangerous to one’s health and mold can grow rapidly at any time and anywhere.

Scratched Wood Flooring

This is the most typical and most inevitable wood floor damage. It is commonly caused by moving furniture, pets, and trailing rocks and debris from the outside. It is also one of the easiest to repair.

Our Hardwood Floor Repair Service At Your Disposal

With close to 40 years of servicing the metro Atlanta GA area, Northside Floors has the experience and know-how along with our professional team that will be able to give you all your options.  We can of course refinish your hardwood floors, however, if they are in good condition and you simply need to repair a section, we can do that for you as well.