Timeless Appeal

Oak Solid Hardwood

Shown is a 3-1/4 in Wide x 3/4 in Thick, Low Gloss Solid Oak hardwood Floor (#CB5205LG).

Timeless. Classic. Elegant.

Hardwood offers warmth and natural charm while adding value to your home.

Water on wood? No worries. Repel Splash-Proof hardwood features an advanced water-resistant barrier that REPELS moisture the instant it strikes the surface, protecting your floors from everyday use. Each plank is finished with ScufResist Platinum Technology which protects your new flooring from household scuffing.

Looking for a wider plank? We will do everything that we can to make sure you get the product you want, even up to a 9-inch wide plank!

With our professional staff and installers, you are sure to be 100% satisfied with Northside Floors!

Northside Floors handles fixer-uppers, remodels, new upscale homes, and even celebrity properties. We will quote all projects, big or small. The key is that Northside Floors caters to the discerning homeowner who wants the highest quality materials, the utmost level of service, and the backing of an established company that won’t disappear overnight.

There are many companies and individuals who will quote a job at a low-ball price. But it’s the homeowner who suffers in the end. Flaws with low-end products and/or installers may not show up for 6-12 months, but when they do, those homeowners are left holding the bag when they cannot find the company they contracted.

Northside has a fantastic reputation and has served clients for over 40 years!

Frontier Shadow

Hickory Solid Hardwood

Shown is a 3-1/4 in Wide x 3/4 in Thick, Medium Gloss solid hickory hardwood floor. (C0689)

Some of the Wood types we offer:

  • Red and White Oak (all grades)
  • Walnut (Brazilian, American, and African)
  • Cherry (all species)
  • Heart Pine
  • …and any special orders

If you are a business owner or homeowner that is thinking of remodeling or installing wood flooring, carpet, or tile; then Northside Floors is your best choice for the best service.

Some unique aspects of our service include:

  • Water damage repairs and rebuilds
  • Eco-friendly carpet that is easy on the environment
  • Dustless sands (Atomic System) and finishes oil or water-based
  • Installation of nail and glue-down wood
  • Installation of custom design floors
  • Custom medallions and designs (stock and custom)
  • Sanding, Staining, Refinishing & Re-screening
  • Stair Tread Replacements
  • High-quality work at a competitive value
  • A job done right the first time is cheaper than doing it twice!