On this project, we removed all the existing flooring and replaced it with LVP.  In the photos, you will see the stairs and balusters that were replaced as well.

After we removed the existing wood planks, we prepared the sub-flooring and laid the proper cement boards before applying the new porcelain tiles.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Glory Collection LVP
Color: Acclaimed

Size: 7 in. x 48 in.
Wear Layer: 20 MIL

Caring for Luxury Vinyl Plank floors
  • Regular Cleaning
  • Mopping
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals
  • Immediate Spill Cleanup
  • Furniture Protectors
  • Use Doormats
  • Avoid Sharp Objects
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Avoid Rubber Backed Mats
  • Periodic Deep Cleaning
  • Trim Pet’s Nails
  • Move Heavy Furniture with Care

Remember that the specific care instructions may vary depending on the brand and type of LVP flooring you have. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the best maintenance practices to ensure you are caring for your specific flooring correctly.


Stekoa Village

Luxury Vinyl-

Palisades hardwood flooring palisades_hw

Palisades Project


Hiram Project

Luxury Vinyl-